A brief launched by Young Creative Network to produce work for a “real-life” client in coffee giant Nescafé. The challenge was to re-innovate a current or fabricated product in their Azera range, be it through packaging, a new method of drinking coffee or a design tweak. 

I developed a concept for a microwavable range of espressos from across the Latin American region; presented in sealed vials with a volume of 60ml – acting as an insulator to the liquid inside, making the tubes ideal for Nescafé's given target market as busy twentysomethings. These miniature espressos would provide the adequate caffeine boost to eliminate fatigue whilst not compromising on space (in bags, pockets, glove-boxes etc). Each individual coffee would have a distinct flavour due to the difference in bean used and the labels personalised to each different country in the range. I then rolled this concept out over other products.

nescafe 2.jpg
nescafe 3.jpg
nescafe bag 2.jpg
nescafe bag.jpg